C4D Network Twitter Trawl: 20 – 26 November 2017

Welcome to the latest Twitter Trawl!  We trawl twitter to bring you the best of the tweets that are relevant for the communication for development sector. This is the full fat version – a briefer ‘highlights’ newsletter is distributed weekly to full members.

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@C4D_Network Join us for our C4D Network Meet-Up, #Yangon #Myanmar on 28 November for discussions around #communication and #migration http://bit.ly/2k1kNa0  All welcome!

@C4D_Network Join Network members and friends of our Thailand C4D Network at their Bangkok meet-up on 30 November http://bit.ly/2iOzs4k  All welcome! #mediadev #ict4d #socialchange Thank you to @e_chole for organising!

@afivenson #ICT4D Event: Frontiers in Digital #Inclusion, in #London Nov 28 http://ow.ly/dNAz30gBwfU  #m4d

@Sonja_ICT4D Dear #Lusaka-based #ICT4D enthusiasts and #journalists, please join our Launch and Networking Event next Thursday, 30 November from 16.00, featuring speakers from @UNCDF, @WorldVisionZamo & @CRS_Expertise. Message me for an invitation letter. #ict #Zambia #DigitalTransformation

@amy_odonnell Safe to Speak Out: Join @oxfamgb @NikkivanderGaag @herahussain @AyonaDatta @anabmap on 4th Dec to discuss #eVAW #ICT4D #16days #metoo https://www.eventbrite.com/e/safe-to-speak-out-tickets-6225256911

@SHAREresearch We’re hosting a public seminar! Join @LSHTMpress @val23curtis @DFID_UK @SafeStartTrial @sharewashted @WaterAidTZ & @cidrzinfo on 7 Dec to learn about #WASH & #behaviourchange! Free & open to all http://bit.ly/2zVY05n 



@LINEA_LSHTM New #LINEAwebinar from @Tostan on measuring change in female genital cutting norms now available! Watch here for results from the #GC3Y project #socialnorms #FGC @lshtm_gvhc @SaME_LSHTM @hivdrivers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HEUERm6sMo&t=11s

@Techfugees Highlights from the first Techfugees Summit at @joinstationf , Paris : 500+ attendees from 37 countries / 50+ #speakers / 42 #startups /3 workshops focused on human centered design, access to #employment and #blockchain for refugees #TFSummit17 https://vimeo.com/241060636/67f69234b1



@The_HIF Funding Open for #humanitarian #innovations: Up to £50,000 available for problem recognition, advancing seed-funded projects and diffusion @DFID_UK @Sida @InnovateDFID http://bit.ly/HIFFunding2017 

@AlinaAIDF DigitalAgenda Impact Awards celebrate #digital innovations that improve people’s lives and the world around us. Enter now http://www.digital-agenda.co.uk/awards/  via @DigitalAgenda_ #tech4good #iCT4D #m4d

@Indigitization We are pleased to announce 2018 #Indigitization grant applications are now open! Find out more http://ow.ly/sAIH30gNxP6 

@WBG_ICT How can #youth maximize the potential of Information Communication #Technologies all around the globe? Join the conversation! #wbgyouthsimmit: http://wrld.bg/AsSC30gHBMV 

@amplifyfund Une nouvelle ronde de subventions Renforcement sera ouverte aux candidatures le 12 déc 2017. Pour en savoir plus, participez à notre webinaire le 30 nov à 12h30 http://bit.ly/2hzqtHD . Des lignes directrices et tutoriels sont disponibles sur notre site https://amplifychange.fr/grant-model/strengthening/ …

@amplifyfund Coming soon: A new round of Strengthening grants will open for applications on 12 December 2017. To find out more, join our guidance webinar on 30 November, 11am (UK time) http://bit.ly/2zHvc0r . Full guidance documents are available on our website https://amplifychange.org/grant-model/strengthening/ …

@C4D_Network Deadline now extended to 4 December to submit an abstract for the 2018 International Social and #BehaviorChange Communication Summit! Get tips and advice from the experts at http://sbccsummit.org/abstract-submission/ …#SBCCSummit

@mySociety If you’re hoping to speak at #TICTeC 2018, now’s the time to submit your paper! We’re keen to hear from those researching the impacts of Civic Technology. http://tictec.mysociety.org/2018  #CivicTech #CallForPapers



@Mo_IbrahimFdn How does your country perform in our newest analysis of the state of #governance in #Africa? You can explore the results of 2017 Ibrahim Index of African Governance here: http://iiag.online  #IIAG

@C4D_Network .@ACCORD_online article ‘Vote not Fight’ examines music’s role in fostering non-violent #elections in #Nigeria http://bit.ly/2BpGIfs  h/t @insightconflict

@C4D_Network New @USIP report ‘Nonformal Dialogues in National Peacemaking’ http://bit.ly/2zrbLWZ  #peacebuilding #Lebanon #Nepal #Myanmar

@farmradio Eliminating violence against women will take action from everyone. We’re sharing resources for #communityradio through @BarzaFm. Like this reporting guide from @ipsnews http://bit.ly/2zt8bQb  & this story abt drought pushing girls into sex work http://bit.ly/2zu9kqB  #16days

@oxfamgbpolicy New paper exploring the current state of thinking among aid actors on how to promote empowerment and accountability in fragile contexts http://bit.ly/2zjwU50  @fp2p @IDS_UK

@CDIManchester Inspection copies of #ICT4D textbook available for those adopting for student courses; via: https://www.routledge.com/resources/compcopy/9781138101814 …

AllVoicesCount #participatorybudgeting – what’s changed as it’s spread? Less social justice focus, more consensus-based decision-making. New research briefing #accountability #opengov http://makingallvoicescount.org/publication/participatory-budgeting-adoption-transformation/ …

@AllVoicesCount “Pay attention to the solutions of the less connected. Initiatives that seek to understand and align with the connective strategies of the people they aim to reach are more likely to succeed.” New research analyses mobile phone diaries of 80 ‘less connected’ South Africans #ict4d http://bit.ly/2hJRSTP 

@thomwithoutanhWe want to make #civictech research easier to read and use. Here’s how we did it for 4.5yrs of #AllVoicesCount research on the design + use of tech in accountability projects http://www.makingallvoicescount.org/blog/take-make-research-used-useful-weve-experimenting/ … #nptech

@duncan_ids What are the contextual social norms & structural power relations that explain the use & non-use of citizen #participation technologies http://www.makingallvoicescount.org/publication/techno-centric-gaze-incorporating-citizen-participation-technologies-participatory-governance-processes-philippines/ … @phat_controller @khernandez225 @IDS_UK #ict4d #opengov #ogp #accountability



@DIAL_community Lack of digital literacy skills still represents a major barrier to digital inclusion for billions of people. @ICT_works rounds up some resources to help consider how to build digital literacy in your next ICT4D project: https://t.co/cWESN7XJ88

@duncan_ids Nov 22 What does it take to make research on use of #tech in #governance used & useful? http://www.makingallvoicescount.org/blog/take-make-research-used-useful-weve-experimenting/ … @thomwithoutanh from @EngnRoom has been experimenting – some great audio inputs from @amy_odonnell @meowtree @Kmoeti @mikorulez

@ICT_Works Do ICTs Make Evaluation More Inclusive Or More Extractive? https://wp.me/p79kBF-1IQ  #ict4d

@AllVoicesCount Is #technology transforming social #accountability? Learning from #AllVoicesCount partners in #Africa and #Asia at the #GPSAForum. @GPSA_org @SENDGHANA @uxtechmz @iLabLiberia @joyaceron_ph https://t.co/vAaWKBHRY6

@ICT_Works 4 Best Practices for Responsible Data in Agriculture https://wp.me/p79kBF-2eE  #ict4d

@ahawatson An interesting piece on healthcare & phones in #PNG: http://devpolicy.org/mobiles-and-health-in-png-20171110/ … @devpolicy #telehealth #telemedicine #PapuaNewGuinea #tech #ICT4D #m4D #ICT #phones



@JohnsHopkinsCCP ‘Just say no’ ads backfire. Why is it so hard to change young people’s drug use behaviors? https://t.co/EDYhDgBm85



@The_HIF  READ: Field Ready: Bringing the power of production to local people @FldRdy http://www.elrha.org/news/field-ready-brining-power-production-innovation-local-people/ …

@RSAC_endrape #MeToo Can this movement create long term social change? #RSAC #EndRape #SocialChange #SexualHarassment http://edition.cnn.com/2017/10/30/health/metoo-legacy/index.html?platform=hootsuite

@aidnography Some challenges behind the ‘lifting people out of poverty’ narrative-my #Thanksgiving reflections on #globaldev & the limits of (de)growth http://aidnography.blogspot.se/2017/11/complexities-of-lifting-people-out-poverty-narratives.html …

@C4D_Network Recent @lulifera @GenderITorg article considers ‘Impact for what and for whom? #Digital technologies and #feminist movement building’ http://bit.ly/2i6l5Mt  #GBV



@globalcoalition NEW BLOG by @KeetieRoelen – The struggle against deprivation must better integrate the psycho-social component of poverty into policy and planning http://bit.ly/2hYzGte  @IDS_UK

@BreastfeedingMy UNICEF: Levels and Trends in Child Mortality Report 2017 – Five countries accounted for half of all newborn deaths: India, Pakistan, Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Ethiopia. https://www.unicef.org/publications/files/Child_Mortality_Report_2017.pdf

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