C4D Network Twitter Trawl: 13 – 19 November 2017

Welcome to the latest Twitter Trawl!  We trawl twitter to bring you the best of the tweets that are relevant for the communication for development sector. This is the full fat version – a briefer ‘highlights’ newsletter is distributed weekly to full members.

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@C4D_Network Join Network members and friends of our France C4D Network at their Paris meet-up on 23 November http://bit.ly/2iOzs4k  All welcome! #mediadev #ict4d #socialchange Thank you to @giacomotirelli_ for organising!

@C4D_Network @C4D_Network Join Network members and friends of our Thailand C4D Network at their Bangkok meet-up on 23 November http://bit.ly/2iOzs4k  All welcome! #mediadev #ict4d #socialchange Thank you to @e_chole for organising!

@phat_controller ICT4D Conferences 2018: a first look at the Digital Development calendar for next year #ict4d http://www.appropriatingtechnology.org/?q=node/278 

@CIVICUSalliance The event will provide an opportunity to discuss how @UN can support children’s civic rights and foster their ability to be active agents for change in their countries and communities. Background reading http://bit.ly/2yMUgQt 

@C4D_Network Register now for @globalvoices Global Voices Summit 2017, Colombo, Sri Lanka 2 – 3 December https://summit2017.globalvoices.org/  #GV2017 #mediadev #ict4d

@C4D_Network Keep up to date with the latest news on the 2018 International Social and #BehaviorChange Communication Summit https://www.c4d.org/17312-2/  #SBCCSummit



@Sonja_ICT4D Missed the ICT4D webinar that delves into the latest ICT4Ag technology, and the practical challenges of adoption and sustainability? Checkout the recap & recording http://bit.ly/2mc097M  brought to you by @NetHope_org, @CRS_Expertise & @ICT4DConference



@C4D_Network There are just 11 days left to submit an abstract for the 2018 International Social and #BehaviorChange Communication Summit! Get tips and advice from the experts at http://sbccsummit.org/abstract-submission/ … #SBCCSummit

@C4D_Network Register now for 21 November TOPS webinar on how #mobilephones can be used to support #IYCF in LMICs http://bit.ly/2z0RE5y  h/t @FSNnetwork #ict4d

@datasociety CFP: Data Justice: conference on social justice & datafication. May 21-22 in UK. Abstract due 11/27. @DataJusticeLab https://datajusticelab.org/data-justice-2018/

@takebackthetech Memory is resistance. Join the #takebackthetech campaign for #16days starting 25 November! https://www.takebackthetech.net/take-action/2017-11-06



@C4D_Network Art, Development & #Peace Working with Adolescents Living in IDP Camps in #Mindanao http://bit.ly/2ywoya9  #participatory #Phillipines

@RitseOnline RT @jwyg: What can be learned from 4 years of research and 70+ reports from @AllVoicesCount? http://researchfindings.tech  #opendata #civictech

@AMWersun A great resource from @UNHCRInnovation on #inclusive and participatory comms in humanitarian settings. Food for thought for #Birthregistration in emergencies #BRiE_toolkit @sophie_shugg @NickOakeshot @kristenwenz

@JohnsHopkinsCCP The plague has hit Madagascar and the Health COMpass now has materials for treatment and prevention. Behavior change communication is vital in emergencies https://t.co/TxCiOwugJe

@duncan_ids Tech for governance programmes in #Tanzania – (how) can tech be used to promote good #governance in the Magufuli era? http://www.makingallvoicescount.org/publication/tech-governance-programmes-tanzania-can-tech-used-promote-good-governance-magufuli-era/ … #opengov #accountability #ict4d

@SPRINGProject2 It’s important to reach fathers as well as mothers to improve #nutrition! New resources from Ghana available for father support groups https://www.spring-nutrition.org/publications/tools/facilitators-guide-father-father-support-groups



@scjansen Mobile technology-driven solutions that aim to create social impact need to invest in customer-centric development and user training.. Game-changing Technology Is Not Enough. http://bit.ly/2yUuHNa  @aspeninstitute #ICT4D #EdTech

@t_streeetz Interesting application of tech for transparency #ict4d IOM XVerified @IOMXorg Currently clothing labels such as “Made in” tell us very little about where a product actually comes from. Using blockchain technology could be the answer to tracing our clothes from raw materials up until the last stitch. @USAIDAsia http://bit.ly/2mlqXCB

@phat_controller  Ask Not What Technology Can Do For Africa – Economist – but for What Africa Can Do for Technology. The Economist reprises the Leapfrog Myth. https://www.economist.com/news/special-report/21731038-technology-africa-making-huge-advances-says-jonathan-rosenthal-its-full?utm_content=buffer0dbc1&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer … #ict4d

@ICT_Works The Top 10 ICT4D Project Failures Will Surprise You http://bit.ly/2iiK1ND  #ict4d

@ContentConsults mHealth messages help new mothers protect infants from SIDS https://shar.es/1PnIiC  #mHealth #ICT4D #RMNCH

@ICT_Works  Should ICT4D Be Sidestreamed or Mainstreamed? http://wp.me/p79kBF-1Pi  #ict4d



@C4D_Network India turns to public shaming to get people to use its 52 million new toilets https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia_pacific/india-turns-to-public-shaming-to-get-people-to-use-its-52million-new-toilets/2017/11/03/882166fe-b41c-11e7-9b93-b97043e57a22_story.html?tid=ss_tw&utm_term=.bac552f52d0b

@JohnsHopkinsCCP CCP nutrition program in an impoverished region of Guatemala targets powerful but overlooked group: Grandmothers. https://t.co/OsacANjIo0



@CHS_Alliance What is the future of #humanitarian action? #localization, #community engagement, #accountability and innovative #partnerships http://news.trust.org/item/20171109181338-dglpx/ … #corehumstandard @Federation



@CSODisruption “10 reflections on the big challenges to civil society” – thoughts by @WattPatrick drawn from #GlobalPerspectives17 #DisruptandInnovate https://disrupt-and-innovate.org/10-reflections-big-challenges-civil-society/ …

@CIVICUSalliance Across @Asia, we are seeing the repression, denial, abuse and violation of rights of peoples and communities through criminalization, intimidation, disappearances, violence, and even murder. http://bit.ly/2zBnpSs 

@duncan_ids Questions about ‘whose voice matters’ are further confused & complicated by ‘whose voice is real or authentic’ in this digital age? http://www.makingallvoicescount.org/blog/citizen-accountability-time-facebook/ … @JohnGaventa on citizen led #accountability & tech #opengov

@IDS_UK Director of Research John Gaventa reflects on how far Facebook, and other similar technical innovations, can connect us all as individuals and engage us with the institutions that govern us and help us hold them to account?



@UN_Water Countries are not increasing spending fast enough to meet the water & sanitation #SDG targets https://buff.ly/2zEQsEX  @WHO #WorldToiletDay


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