Abstract submission now open: 2nd International SBCC Summit Featuring Entertainment-Education (deadline EXTENDED: 4 December 2017)

The 2018 International Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) Summit featuring Entertainment Education is organized to understand better what works in shifting social norms, changing behaviors and in amplifying the voice of those who have most at stake in the success of development efforts. And, it is designed to wrestle with the profound issues of social justice and agenda setting that affect these decisions. Who decides, for example, what behaviors need changing or which norms should be shifted? How can people’s realities and voices be put at the center of such change? How much emphasis should be placed on shifting norms and behaviors when power structures, policy environments or lack of services may constitute problems that overwhelm the capacity of individuals or communities to act?

The 2018 Summit will address some of the primary challenges facing the SBCC community: understanding what approaches work and what investments in SBCC programming can expect to deliver, and making sense of the complexity and diversity in the field of SBCC that would facilitate greater investment.

The Summit will be organized around three overarching themes: 1) What Works, 2) Making Sense of the Field Now, and 3) Voice and Agenda Setting. Abstracts and concept notes for the Summit sessions will be submitted by theme. Formats for presentations include:

  1. Oral or poster presentations
  2. Preformed panel discussions
  3. Comm Talks (similar to TED talks)
  4. Multimedia video showcase
  5. Skills building workshops

Concept notes for skill building workshops and abstracts for oral and poster presentations, panel presentations, Comm Talks, and the multimedia video showcase are being accepted between September 25 and December 4, 2017. Guidelines for each submission option are provided below. All submissions must be:

  • Made through the website in English, Spanish or French
  • No longer than 500 words (5,000 character limit)
  • Received by the deadline of November 27, 2017 (11:59pm EST)


All submissions will be acknowledged on receipt. All submissions are reviewed anonymously and rated based on the criteria below. Additional format-specific criteria are listed under the guidelines for each presentation format.

  • Relevance to SBCC and EE programs, and importance to the field
  • Importance of the issue or problem addressed
  • Clarity of content
  • Soundness of the conclusions
  • Alignment with conference themes


In addition to reviewing submissions against the above criteria, Summit organizers will also endeavor to ensure that selected presentations:

  • Represent a spectrum of research across priority development issues
  • Represent a range of program approaches, design strategies, and research methodologies
  • Are primarily drawn from African, Asian, Latin American, East European, Caribbean, Asian or Oceanic contexts

Submitting authors will be notified via email about the final decision of the selection committee by Friday, January 5, 2018.


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